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Why we love what we do – and why you should too

The concrete flooring industry is at an exciting point at the moment because of all the various finishes now available to our customers. The versatility of our product opens up a whole range of possibilities and offers a new dimension to orthodox home decor ideas.

At Concept Flooring we make a point of staying up to date with new trends—while still maintaining some of the old favourites you may have seen in a dated magazine somewhere. It’s all about providing our customers with what they want, as well as advising them on options they never even knew existed.

We love talking about home decor and our sales experts are brimming with indoor, balcony, and patio ideas that scream, “STYLE!” From epoxy floor paint to the ever-popular screed flooring, we’re here to help you make the best choice according to your budget.

Why there’s an increase in the popularity for concrete flooring

Marble floors and Wooden flooring look really nice, but both these flooring options have priced themselves out of range for most home owners. Concrete flooring offers a solution to this problem. Through various processes like epoxy flooring and others, concrete flooring can be made to portray an uncanny imitation of wooden floors as well as marble colours and finishes. For this reason, home owners are flocking to suppliers like Concept Flooring to grab hold of these inspiring options.

Another reason people are turning to concrete flooring is because they’ve done their research on maintenance costs. Decorative concrete flooring is drastically more durable than other flooring options, saving you money in the long run. Thousands of houses in South Africa are starting to include stylish patios and balconies—areas where concrete flooring is an absolutely perfect option due to its waterproofing properties.

Why you should choose Concept Flooring

We could tell you that you should use us because we’ve been in the industry for nine years. Or, we could tell you it’s because we have such an extensive product knowledge. But the truth is, we want to work with you because concrete floors are our passion! We relish the chance to partner up with builders, homeowners, and project managers in order to bounce ideas off of each other until the perfect selection is finally decided upon.

Another reason we love what we do is because of our clients’ faces when we’re done. Many old cement floors have been given a “floor makeover” by our team of experts. You’ll be amazed at what a difference some colour and texture can make to an area. We can’t wait to see your reaction when we’re done!

Concept Flooring has two branches: One in Johannesburg, and one in Kwazulu-Natal. Both our branches are adept at offering expert building advice on your project. Different projects call for different flooring solutions, so chat to us about what effect you are aiming to create in your home.

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