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Welcome to Concept Flooring, home to turnkey services for professional concrete, screed, and epoxy flooring.

Our services include solutions for concrete floors in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial structures.

We blend aesthetics and functionality to bring you the highest quality flooring solutions on the market with a broad range of professional services.

These include those with a focus on products that open up a whole range of new dimensions to orthodox home decor ideas.

Screed Flooring


Our services include a broad range of concrete flooring solutions, both for structure interiors and exteriors.

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Screed Flooring


Ideal for smooth and level flooring. Easy and quick to install, excellent for underfloor heating, and benefits from a reduced chance of cracking.

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Screed Flooring


Exposed aggregate is not only a wonderfully aesthetic type of concrete flooring, but one that offers exceptional durability too, rendering it ideal for both commercial and residential applications. It is simple to maintain and keep clean, is slip and chemical resistant, enjoys a long lifespan, and can be laid according to different designs.

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Epoxy Floors


Epoxy coatings provide a concrete flooring solution that is highly decorative and resistant to numerous chemicals and solvents.

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Screed Flooring


Decorative concrete overlays are ideal for smoothing out rough surfaces while enhancing their aesthetics. They are particularly great for creating geometric patterns in surfaces, or cobbling them while still retaining smoothness. This makes them perfect for concrete floors in homes and businesses.

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